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Haddock & Associates Insurance Services Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Types of Small Business Insurance

Haddock & Associates is committed to community, which means to your small business and wants to make sure you have the best policy. What types of Insurance does a small business owner need? If you’re asking...

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Is Travel Insurance worth it?

As we head into the holidays, traveling can be very stressful. Haddock & Associates want to make sure your time away from home is as stress free as possible. Our agents are ready to go over your policy and make sure...

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When is it time to burn leaves?

Haddock and Associates cares about the safety of your home and surroundings. Fall means it's time to think about if and when you can burn your leaves. For information on permits, go to Kootenai Fire & Rescue

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Does your business need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Figuring out if your business needs additional commercial vehicle insurance can be hard to navigate. Haddock & Associates can help you find the best options for you own business. Call us and we can help you through...

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Do I need snowmobile insurance during the summer?

Haddock & Associates Insurance Services offers customized policies that meet your needs and your budget. Snowmobile insurance typically includes coverages that may help protect you and your vehicle from the...

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Vacation safety tips to help prevent home burglary

Summer vacation time is around the corner and Haddock & Associates is committed to making sure your home is safe and secure while you enjoy time away. Follow these vacation safety tips to keep your home and family...

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Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

Haddock and Associates knows businesses in our community and want to protect them as well as their employees. Many employers have quickly responded to the calls of social distancing to reduce the spread of the...

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If a fallen tree damages my house, does homeowners insurance cover it?

Haddock & Associates knows your home is your most valuable asset and when it is damaged or destroyed, you need your claim settled by an insurance company that understands that simple fact. Sometimes it takes just...

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Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?

When students go off to college, they take a lot of their belongings with them. But what if their personal property is stolen, lost or damaged? Read more...

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When wildfire threatens, are you ready?

- When wildfire threaten your home, what can you do? - Your home is the center of your daily life, and likely your most valuable asset. Since fire season is just around the corner, Haddock & Associates wants to make...

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