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Haddock & Associates Insurance Services Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Client Hightlight! Costa Fabrication.

At Haddock & Associates we LOVE to highlight commercial insurance clients. We are honored to serve Costa Fabrication and want to share the beautiful work they do as well as clients they have designed/welded/...

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Are Idaho and Washington "at-fault" insurance states?

No-fault is an auto insurance system that is designed to lower the cost of car insurance by removing the ability to sue. When an auto accident happens, each person involved in the car accident is compensated by their...

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Howard's Story

Travelers is working to change driving habits and save lives. Distracted driving goes beyond texting and driving. It includes things like driving while eating, or using a GPS, or reaching for a napkin. Each day nine...

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Client Highlight- Edwards Smith Construction

Client Highlight!!! We are so proud to have Edwards Smith Construction as clients. Our business relationship with Edwards Smith Construction LLC means the world to us and providing quality commercial insurance is our...

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