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What Vehicles are Stolen the Most in Idaho?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau has listed the vehicles most often stolen in every state. Surprisingly, Idaho's most stolen car isn't a car at all. It's a truck. Here's the top ten:

  1. Ford Pickup (2000)
  2. Chevy Pickup (1997)
  3. Honda Accord (1997)
  4. Honda Civic (1997)
  5. Dodge Pickup (2001)
  6. Ford Explorer (2003)
  7. Chevy Pickup (1998)
  8. Jeep Cherokee / Grand Cherokee (1994)
  9. Dodge Caravan (2001)

You'll notice that no vehicles made in the last 14 years made the list. Does this mean if you purchase a newer model vehicle it's less likely to get stolen? According to this list, that seems to be the case.