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Can a doorbell camera cut your home insurance rates?

Can a doorbell camera cut your home insurance rates?

You may have had your doorbell camera for some - time now, but did you know you may be eligible to lower your home insurance rates with it installed? Investing in a doorbell camera may do more than just deter porch pirates, it can help you in a variety of other ways.

When used properly, a front door camera can alert you when someone is at your door. Some even allow for you to communicate with the person at your door. That can offer added safety for you and your family. Depending on your insurance coverage, this type of home upgrade may even help you save money on home insurance premiums with Haddock & Associates.

Can Doorstep Cameras Help Home Insurance Rates?

When you add safety features to your home, it may reduce your home insurance costs. The short answer is it is a possibility. If it can save you money, you should reach out to Haddock & Associates insurance agent to confirm and make the changes in your policy. In having or adding a doorstep camera, you have an additional layer of safety that can protect you when you are home and when you're away. Knowing when someone is approaching your door with a recorded video can help keep you and your property safe. It can also help identify criminals, so you may recover any stolen or damaged property. Many home insurance policies are offering discounts for smart home features like the doorstep camera. This encourages policy holders to keep their home safe and protected.

We cannot assume that a doorbell camera will instantly lower your insurance rates, but he entire team at Haddock & Associates would love to sit down and go over your insurance policy to determine if your plan offers incentives for smart home features. Give your home insurance agent at Haddock & Associates a call to learn about more ways to save on your insurance. out what type of savings are available. If you can install a doorbell camera and still save on your insurance costs, it might be worth looking into.