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Tips to work at home (and not lose your mind)

A lot of us are working remotely now. An upside to working from home is we aren’t spending most of our day commuting to work or meetings in our cars. Just think, we might be able to get MORE done.  We have compiled some of our favorite pieces of advice if you are struggling with productivity or looking for ways to take advantage of your current at-home work situation. The team at Haddock & Associates would love to see photos of your home workspace-maybe it will inspire someone else.

Create your quiet workspace and make that your dedicated space.

Set your work hours- this will keep you on track to complete tasks.

Make a list to stay organized- assess throughout the day.

Dress business-professional.

Try to keep pets at a distance- we all know how their cuteness is a distraction.

Find your peak productivity hours.

Avoid doing housework during work hours.

Clear your desk…daily.

Screen your calls for business only.

Take scheduled breaks.

Focus on one task at a time.

When all else fails, be adaptable- we all have to be right now.


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